Blog #2

Plainfield schools block students access from Google

The article, Plainfield schools block students access from Google, discusses why everything connected to Google was turned off. It explains that the district has turned off Google due to some students being able to access other sites that they do not want them on. They explain that this will be turned off, for all students, until the issue can be fixed. They do not know how long this fix could be, instead, they are allowing students to use Yahoo and Bing to search on the internet. Many students are upset because they use Google Docs and Gmail, which now they will not be able to access these services.  At a board meeting, regarding this issue, students and teachers explained that they love the services that Google provides and that other districts are still allowing students to access Google. Now, the district is going to look into allowing Google, with more restrictions.

Q1. What is your opinion of the article? Agree or disagree? Why?

I do not think restricting students from Google is necessary. Google has been around for forever and it was never a problem before. I understand that technology is allowing for users to see more and do more with Google, but I still do not think it is necessary to take it away from students. Students have been using Google their whole life and taking it away would not be fair to them. I think if the school district can find a way to keep Google available for the students everyone will be happy.

Q2. How will the issue help or hinder your teaching practice? Why?

This issue is only occurring in this specific district right now, but if Google was not available for my students in the future it would hinder my teaching greatly. I am always on Google finding new ideas and sending emails to and from others. I would not have the access to these services and I would no longer be able to teach my students about Google and what it has to offer.

Q3. How will the issue affect your relationship with your students, parents, colleagues, and/or principals?

If Google was no longer a service to me, I think it would affect my relationships with parents. I do not think it would change my relationships with students, colleagues, and principals. I prefer to email someone rather than talk on the phone, therefore, if I was not able to email my parents I do not think I would have a good relationships with them. It would not affect my relationships with students and colleagues because I would be seeing them and talking to them on a regular basis, therefore, I think our relationships would still be strong.


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